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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Believe

Let's Believe

Let's believe that:
You'll find ways 
to make the difficult times easier,
your cares lighter and the days brighter.

Let's believe that:
Doors that are closed can also open
And, if I could, I would help you
find the key to open every door you want to open.

Let's believe that:
Where there's a will, there's also a way
and where there's a way
there are NO limits!

I pray that revelations and secrets
will unfold for you to make a difference
in your life right now.
That every hurt is healed and
every need met.

Let's believe that:
and with God all things are possible.
God IS on our side, not against us
no matter how you feel.

Let's believe that:
You'll tap into that abundant source
of strength that I know is within you.

Let's believe that:
We have the answers inside of us to
every question we have.

Let's believe that:
The problems we face are challenges in life.
Not punishments from God.

Let's believe that:
There's a rainbow after every storm,
a light at the end of every tunnel and 
Hope after every disappointment and struggle.

Let's believe that:
Our life is a gift to us.
However, we must take responsibility to
Make it wonderful, appreciate it with
all of our heart and LIVE life to the fullest.

Let's believe that:
Prayer can make a difference and No matter what you're going through
God says, HE hears you.

Let's believe that:
We can choose peace, no matter what
we're experiencing. Motivation (moved to act)
and sacrifice often work together to help us
move forward.

I'm thinking of you and I want to encourage you.
I pray today that you will connect with
Mountain-moving faith to help you deal with
any changes you're having to make in your life
and that God shows you His perfect way.

Let's believe that:
Whatever you're going through will
look different on another day.

Eldridge Cole 11/07

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