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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celebrate Yourself!

We are all celebrities in our own rights, our talents, gifts, everything we are. We have the ability to touch the lives of others on such a deeper, lasting and more intimate level, far more than one brief shining moment and a gold statue. We SHOULD celebrate our own triumphs in Red Carpet style and honor everyday" - Eldridge Cole 3-4-11

Hello, my name is Eldridge!

Recently the 83rd Academy Awards for 2011 aired on TV.  Oscar buzz was everywhere.  It seemed like all anyone could talk about were The Awards and Oscar hopefuls, nominees, who will win and what will “She” be wearing?  My question today is:  what is all the fuss about celebrities? I don't know whether you're obsessed with celebrity lifestyle or not. But a lot of people are. They want to know pretty much all there is to know. People are interested in every move celebrities make good or bad. It's as if they aren't normal people. But they ARE just that, people, just regular people. What makes them different than us "everyday joes" is what they do for a living, (yes, it's their job that makes them a celebrity) and that they make more for doing one job, one movie, one TV episode, one appearance, etc than most of us make in a year. I'll give you that. But when all is said and done they still eat, sleep, have problems, have families, go to work,  get into trouble all on a grander scale than you and I might experience and all in the public eye. And no matter what, we just can't seem to get enough of celebrity goings on....Ok, and my point would be..... stay with me, now cause I'm going somewhere with this....Not all celebrities live in Hollywood and walk on the Red Carpet. Some of them are everyday heroes, and there are countless women out there that are doin it for themselves making it happen for themselves and their families every day and often (usually) with no recognition!!

With that said, here Wo-M-E-N (Women's Ministry Enrichment Network & Girlfriends & Sisters Social Network)  we are right on the pulse of current trends, new programs and what is happening today in women’s circles (businesses, women’s ministry & civic organizations) as a network we work to empower women with information, and by connecting you to who’s who, & what you need to know.  Here you can meet women-driven organizations, ministries, civic groups & community causes, blogs  and other like minded women. We'll introduce you to them, then celebrate & showcase some of the most creative, interesting, & amazing, women and their organizations nationwide.

We continually search the web, for new sites & links scour the magazines, Tweet, Face book, Linked in, email & network through various mediums with other women’s groups, ministries, and organizations. In other words we search high and low and are always on the hunt for women’s organizations and businesses that you need to know about.

We want to know who they are?
What’s their “story” what do they do?
Why do they exist or what purpose do they serve?
How do they operate?
Whom do they serve?
How do they serve?
What events do they hold?
How often do they meet?
Do they have memberships, publications?
What is unique, different or the same about them?
What can we learn from them that others might benefit from?

We look for any nuggets or morsels, ideas, stories, anything of interest that we can find that may uncover treasures we can offer & share with you in the form of information & terrific opportunities that can make you, your group, business or organization the kind that women love. And will want to be an active part of. It’s the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of the find and the delight of sharing it with you. That’s what Wo-M-E-N & Girlfriends & Sisters Social Network is all about.

Through this network we want women to get the most from their organizational efforts by connecting them to other women they may not otherwise come into contact with. We'll be featuring interviews of  non-profit and community cause profiles, events, networking tips and more!

 You are invited to join us on our new Face Book page “Girlfriends & Sisters Social Network” and follow us on Twitter as “Girlfrenzy”

We look forward to meeting you right here, soon. “As always, live your life deliciously, every day, boldly passionately , and on purpose and live it to the fullest.” Thank you for serving in whatever capacity you do and allowing Wo-M-E-N & Girlfriends & Sisters to serve you.

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