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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence

This week has been a buzz about the children & the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It's what's on the hearts and minds of the people, it's what people are talking about almost everywhere you go. 

Earlier this week I did a theme on FB called "Childlike Wonder At Christmas" but it was about dreaming just a little, taking just a moment to revel in it and put away our grown-up schedules for a moment to scoop up some of the magic of childhood and bring it into our adult world ...,

It was my intention to have a different theme for this blog (somehow I just can't seem to merge both my blog & FB themes to be the same,  IDK) Anyway, because so much focus is on "Children" right now, I decided to stay in the flow and continue  to focus on children in a positive way. However, I would like to include my response/comment to an earlier post. 

"No, I DIDN'T know about a similar tragedy in China OMG!!! I haven't heard a word about that....but then think about it, IMO our media has a tendency to pick & choose what stories they cover and as DP says at some point just go too damn far! BUT, it's what sells. Let me also say IMO there are children dying everyday, here in America, overseas, little lives are caught in the crossfire of war...or like the story of the similar incident in China...don't hear too much about that either do we? I'm just saying what happened in Newton, is horrific to the ??? power (add your own numbers) but children are being sacrificed and their little lives cut short everyday, innocent by-standers to some pointless, senseless act of violence. And this is taking place ALL over the world EVERY DAY. These children are not any less meaningful than those in CT, each one is a precious life cut short. A soul whose light can no longer shine, whose destiny will never be reached & purpose fulfilled (for whatever reason). They are ALL just as important & precious in the eyes of God. But you don't hear about them or their grieving families and the devastation to their communities; (??) their loss is just as great. ANY time a parent loses a child the loss is unbearable. Newton is a tragedy. NO doubt about that.*I don't want to seem insensitive about this)  I like DP, don't intend to offend anyone, this is also just my personal opinion. But, why don't we see groups protesting to stop the violence against children or posts on FB or any social media, posting pictures, asking for prayers, lighting candles for each little life, mourning the loss of children everywhere?"

Having said that....I'd like to celebrate children!!! with this photo essay "Return to Innocence" inspired by the song of the same name as sung by Enigma.

"Jesus loves the little children,
all the little children of the world
they are yellow, black & white
they are precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children 
of the world.

OMG! Hard to imagine... isn*t it ??

"All we are saying is
give PEACE a chance"

See the world through
the eyes of a child

growing minds at work here!


Songs can touch often when words fail.... 
What song is playing in your heart?

What a cutie! - 
"No matter what they say, I didn't do it, 
nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything".......what?

.........waiting for the music intro before 
he breaks into the MJ "Beat It" routine
uh, yes moonwalk included.

Is it Christmas yet?

Children BELIEVE in the 
Magic of Christmas

hmmmmm, I think, NO!

"Playit again Sam"

Spinning & spinning, round, & round

C'mon now, Big finish...
"I did it Myyyyy Waaaayyyy"

"With arms wide open"
"To fling my arms wide"

Tiny dancer

Sometimes, the best man for the job
....is a woman

"Shout Hallelujah, c'mon get happy!"

Baby girl

Twin love

Good times are best
shared with a FRIEND

"You are child of the Universe,
no less than the trees and the stars
you have a right to be here."

 "Because the greatest love of ALLLLLL!!"

"I love the flower girl
 Oh, I don't know just why 
She simply caught my eye 
I love the flower girl 
she seemed so sweet and kind"

Just being a kid

Who will buy This wonderful morning? 
Such a sky You never did see! 
Who will tie it up with a ribbon 
and put it in a box for me?"

*A child's beauty and innocence...- 
"with a child's heart, love is as welcome as a sunny, day."

"I am about to make a brand new start of it ... 
If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere"

"Little children laughing and playing 
'cause they Haven't learned to start hating. 
Never givin up, no 
'cause they still believe in love, sweet love"

"Oh I got a brand new pair of roller skates, 
you got a brand new key"

"She's a beautiful miss The kind you love to love... 
gonna wish I had a storm warning"

You think you know....but you have no idea

Little "fashionista"

Give the world a smile

"Come on people now,
smile on your brother,
everybody get together
try to love one another
right now"

 Return to innocence." 

“…That's why I sometimes feel that somehow we are the same

Whenever I lay my head to sleep there's a strong thought that keeps haunting my mind careless whispers of a nation that somehow was caught trapped in the dark and nowhere to go I know my thoughts are tellin' me. Gotta be a part of me.

Life has no guarantees That you'll keep what you have even though you're blessed with then

That's why I'm feeling some fear for the world with all the grief and misery how much real time is there?

The sooner I take more responsibilities I can truly say, I am grateful for my world The irony of tryin' to do the right thing is whatever you do, some will undo and sometimes destroy and there's someone still left in darkness and you say… Gotta be a part of me.

The world is what we make it what we see today are the results of the mistakes they made yesterday and what we see tomorrow will be the results of what we do today
It's a shame that peace and respect have been replaced with money and power. The children, they are the future. So teach them how to love themselves and they will love others. Don't you see, love that's the key. Gotta be a part of me” ~ Part of Me as sung by EnVogue

Celebrate the children, that's our ultimate "Living Arrangement"

Till next time....EC

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