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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Brings You JOY? Join the conversation on Living Arrangements

Would you just LOOK at what time it is. It's afterNOON already!!! Whew, seems it was just an hour or so ago, we really kinda woke up and kicked this day into high gear, now it's time for LUNCH BREAK!

So, if you have just a few minutes to sit down and take a breather....grab your sandwich, salad or afternoon delight (whatever that might be) and JOIN the conversation....We're talking about JOY!!! What brings you JOY?? What simple or not so simple pleasures touch a special placewithin you??? I know this sounds complex, but it really isn't. If you will just allow yourself to relax, and think for a minute (it took me longer) but think for a moment.....WHAT is it, that brings JOY into your life??

I took our topic for today from a book I have about women and whether or not we take time to "pamper" ourselves(??) I thought it was a good question to ask myself...and then I thought, if this applies to me, then surely other women must have this same dilemma, an that of taking care of ourselves as MUCH as we take care of EVERYBODY else. And then, digging a little deeper, the question came up, Once you know what JOY is, then WHAT brings you joy??? *sip on your drink, or munch on your sandwich for a minute. And then, dive right into the conversation!!!

Most of us are doing life--we're doing what pays the bills. Doing what we have to do, are expected to do, or are told to do. And w're not experiencing any joy.....

We (women) are pleasure-deserving, creative, joy-seeking beings at heart. If our daily live contained MORE experiences of joy, we'd complain less and enjoy more, and be more preoccupied with staying committed to LIVING instead of trying to avoid it, escape it, or numb ourselves to it. The way to be present to life is to fill it with joy and pleasure.

Joy feeds our souls, nourishes our spirits

Getting clear about what brings you joy is a self-discovery process and another step toward "self-care" Pampering yourself and creating meaningful moments in your life and a deeper relationship with yourself.

You can't have a JOY-filled life unless you have JOY-filled moments, hours, days. Q: Have you abandoned the fun experiences, hobbies & play like you had as a child or young woman? Q: Do you have & use "sophisticated adult excuses" for WHY you no longer make room for JOY in your life?

Starting TODAY, think about this...learn to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) and then get into the practice of "Intentionally creating” MORE joy-filled moments in YOUR life.

~Excerpts taken from the book 
"Sacred Pampering Principles" 
by Debrena Jackson Gandy