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Monday, May 22, 2017

"I Hope That We Can Be Together Soon"

Tuesday May 16, 2017
My phone rang this morning and jolted me out of my place of zen and meditation (halfway between sleep & fully awake) “wha-----“? A bit shaken, I grab for the phone (that I thought was turned off) to see who was calling me at that hour in the morning. I tried to silence the phone quickly to avoid disturbing other family members. I put on my house robe & slippers and headed downstairs for coffee…settling into my chair on the back porch I check the message left by the early morning caller. It’s marked “urgent” (really?) Listening I realize it’s not something that required me to drop everything and act; but rather it was “urgent” to the caller.
“We are all wondering where are you? Ain’t nobody seen or heard from you. Are you ok? When you get this message call me and let me know what’s going on with you??”
I sipped my coffee and smiled…”wow”. My buddies at the local food pantry I used to frequent missed seeing me there. Things were not “business as usual.” My absence was out of the ordinary.
Isn’t that a blessing? “Somewhere out there, someone’s thinking of me.”
For as long as I can remember, every Tuesday, rain, shine, cold or hot weather, I’ve made the two block trek up the street to the church for the weekly food pantry. Seeing the same faces weekly sprinkled here & there with some new comers but mostly the “usual crowd. I’d been going to that pantry for quite awhile up until a couple months ago. Greeting, smiling & chatting with this crowd which had become “familiar”. It wasn’t until like a year or so ago I finally learned the names of those I spoke with most often. They became kind of a small community family. We had formed a relationship with people we recognized, and you kinda know (but really don’t know) meeting and standing on common ground, our mission— to gather food for our families. And, in the meantime while you wait and there is always a wait we talk about news, weather, odd topics pop up from time to time crack jokes and the occasional “whatever happened to so & so?” After all we’ve seen our share of regulars come & go for whatever reasons…. Today, I was the “so & so” that was missing.
I immediately and graciously returned the call. On the other end of the phone was a friend acting as spokesperson for the group asking “How are you”??
Friends, you know what? For once, I was coming from a place of true authenticity and not a cliched auto-response, I answered “I am fine!” I assured them all was well “nothing missing nothing broken.” And, for the first time in a long while I could honestly say, I didn’t NEED to be there. I had more than enough! – Hallelujah (what a blessing to be able to confess, you have MORE than enough!!)
As the tears well up in my eyes as I’m writing this, God allowed me to welcome this day with gratitude & thanksgiving. I don’t take little things like this for granted.
As the conversation went on, briefly catching up, tidbits of small talk, do you know that one by one, my pantry buddies took the phone to say (personally) “Hi” to me and to tell me they missed me and asked “when are you coming back”?
THIS is what it’s all about. Living your life in such a way that others miss you and notice when you’re not there---and say “I hope that we can be together soon…… can ya make it real soon. ~SHE
Does someone miss you??

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